Northwoods Survival

Northwoods Survival

NWS provides practical wilderness survival and wilderness skills training. We have trained hundreds of novice and experienced outdoors enthusiasts! 

NWS offers programs in wilderness survival, bushcraft, and self-reliant living skills. We specialize in practical wilderness survival training for all 4 seasons, as well as guided dog sledding adventures.

NWS courses offer in-depth, hands-on experiential learning and are taught by qualified, experienced instructors.

At NWS you will not be taught the unrealistic and often dangerous "skills" commonly demonstrated on today's latest wilderness survival based reality television shows.


Please remember, Wilderness Survival television programs are designed to entertain the masses, not educate the individual!

At NWS you will be taught what it really takes not only to survive in the Acadian and Boreal wilderness, but also how to participate with our natural world. 

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Jeff Butler
Boreal Wilderness Survival Instructor


 " Jeff Butler, a personable, all-round outdoorsman..." Mors Kochanski